City Girl’s Quick Personal Face Mask

For beginners to sewing like me some of the face mask tutorials out there are difficult. I found this modified one to suit me just fine and wanted to share.

Video is up on YouTube! 


  • (2) 9 x 6 fabric in Color A
  • (2) 9 x 6 fabric in Color B
  • Coordinating  thread
  • Closure:
    • (4) strips of 20″ bias tape or
    • (2) 7” lengths of braided elastic or
    • (2) hair ties 


  • dress pins or quilt clips
  • seam ripper
  • bias tape


  1. First, cut 4 pieces from your fabric of choice (2 for outside of mask and 2 for inside of mask). If you use this pattern and you don’t need to add seam allowance: 
  1. After cutting, you’ll have two pairs of fabric. You can always add a layer of filter inside, I recommend cotton flannel. 
  1. Pick two fabric pieces, pin them right side facing each other. Sew along the 1/4” seam allowance (0.5 cm from the edge).
  1. Clip the curved edge.
  1. Open the sewn piece and sew a flat felled seam.
  1. Repeat the steps above with the other pair of fabric pieces.
  1. Put the inside and outside mask pieces right side facing together and sew along the long edges to 1/2” before the short edge, leaving the short edges open. 
  1. Turn the mask right side out. Iron flat.
  1. Fold the short edge in 1/2” to hide the raw edges and enclose the tie.
  1. Pick your tie method (7” elastic, hair tie, or 20” bias tape)
  1. Push the 1/4” of the tie ends into the short edges. You can adjust the length by trying the mask on and pinning. 
  1. Sew the short edges using backstitching to secure over your tie method.
  1. Optional: sew a topstitch around all edges once more to reinforce the mask.


Printable PDF of Instructions:

Gigi Fitted Personal Mask COVID-19