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As we have simplified our lives (Matthew 6:22) we have also been arming ourselves with information on best PTSD and PTSD caregiver practices we have met some amazing bloggers, communities, and companies. I know we all look forward to a time when traumatic stress will end


Here is a list of articles from the Christian Congregation on being a volunteer bible teacher in other countries:

bt chap. 16 pp. 124-132 – Bearing Witness (bt)
Uganda (serving where the need is greater
yb10 pp. 66-125 – Yearbook—2010
What Biblical examples of serving where the need is greater can benefit older Christians today?
w14 1/15 pp. 22-26 – The Watchtower—2014
w09 4/15 pp. 20-23 – The Watchtower—2009
He explains: “Elsebeth and I had thought about the possibility of serving where the need was greater—but that would be later when the children had left home.”
w13 1/15 pp. 3-6 – The Watchtower—2013
km 8/11 pp. 4-6 – Kingdom Ministry—2011
In 1955 a call went out inviting Kingdom publishers to serve where the need was greater, including French Polynesia.
yb05 pp. 66-133 – Yearbook—2005
At that time, they heard several talks about serving where there is a greater need for Kingdom publishers.
w13 10/15 pp. 3-6 – The Watchtower—2013
While still in high school, she met several zealous Witnesses who served where the need was greater.
w13 4/15 pp. 3-6 – The Watchtower—2013


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