Over the past few months as we have been planning to simplify our lives (Matthew 6:22) we have also been arming ourselves with information on best PTSD and PTSD caregiver practices we have met some amazing bloggers, communities, and companies. I know we all look forward to a time when traumatic stress will end


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As we simplify and research serving where the need is great we have been looking at these blogs for information:

Bible Based Information (on helping those with PTSD)

Volunteer Missionaries

Need Greater 101

The Weavers In Baja

Chell Bell



Noticed While Wandering

Two Happy Campers

Gone with the Wynns

Freedom Theory Video Blog

Here is a list of articles from the Christian Congregation on being a volunteer bible teacher in other countries:

bt chap. 16 pp. 124-132 – Bearing Witness (bt)
Uganda (serving where the need is greater
yb10 pp. 66-125 – Yearbook—2010
What Biblical examples of serving where the need is greater can benefit older Christians today?
w14 1/15 pp. 22-26 – The Watchtower—2014
w09 4/15 pp. 20-23 – The Watchtower—2009
He explains: “Elsebeth and I had thought about the possibility of serving where the need was greater—but that would be later when the children had left home.”
w13 1/15 pp. 3-6 – The Watchtower—2013
km 8/11 pp. 4-6 – Kingdom Ministry—2011
In 1955 a call went out inviting Kingdom publishers to serve where the need was greater, including French Polynesia.
yb05 pp. 66-133 – Yearbook—2005
At that time, they heard several talks about serving where there is a greater need for Kingdom publishers.
w13 10/15 pp. 3-6 – The Watchtower—2013
While still in high school, she met several zealous Witnesses who served where the need was greater.
w13 4/15 pp. 3-6 – The Watchtower—2013