Meet Us

CityGirl is a sociologist, forester, and biologist (yep – she loved grad school so much she decided to collect a couple degrees) who during her career managed some of the largest environmental engineering projects our country has ever tackled. In her now-abundant free time she is a traveler, thinker, and dreamer who tries to visit Italy every time there is a fare glitch. She and her husband are also snowbirds, traveling from New Orleans to the Pacific Northwest each year and visiting as many places in between as they can in their Airstream Flying Cloud.


CountryBoy is retired vet and an unapologetic Tennessean married to a girl who has given him her whole heart. They decided to go off script, ditch the house in the city (for 6 months each year), resign from the 9 to 5, and embrace a simpler, nomadic lifestyle while they serve as volunteers in the Christian Congregation. They believe that love can help heal even invisible wounds and spend their days focusing on truth, light, and love, not necessarily in that order.

The quote below sums up how they feel about their big move and the blog post here explains with a little more detail what they planned.


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