Cracker Barrel Overnight RV Parking

So…. last year when we went across the country we stopped at RV parks every night. Once we got to the west coast we found Harvest Hosts and used it to stop overnights at wineries. We also heard about overnight parking at Walmart and tried that on the way back to Louisiana from Washington State. Let’s just say that for light sleepers Walmart may not be ideal. It is very brightly lit (great for security, though) and noisy at night from cars passing by.

This year we used an app called AllStays to find places to park overnight and sleep in our RV while en route to destinations along our route where we plan to stay for a few days and plan to use campground hook-ups. As I write this post we are on the way from Shreveport, LA to Amarillo, TX. Last night we parked and slept at a Cracker Barrel for the first time and LOVED it.

We arrived around 8pm and found the spots clearly marked for RV parking. There was one other RV parked at the opposite end of the row of spaces. It was quiet, dark, and we parked next to a row of hedges for privacy (and kept that window open with the fan on all night, as it was the perfect temperature outside). I have to say that it was a great first experience. We will look for Cracker Barrel in every quick stopover city from now on!

I also recommend the AllStays app. More on that later.

Keep in mind that this policy could change for all stores or be different at the store you want to stop at, so here are a couple of tips for boondocking overnight at Cracker Barrel:

  • Pick up a map inside any CB for info on locations that allow overnight parking
  • Use AllStays to read about other experiences with that CB location
  • (Or) Call the CB ahead of time and ask if they allow overnighters
  • If you arrive before they close or leave after they open DO buy something in the store or restaurant. You gotta eat anyway, right? They also have great vintage snacks and drinks 🙂
  • Don’t put your jacks down unless you have permission from the store manager
  • Don’t put your slide out and block the adjacent spot (we parked so our slide went out over the grass/hedges)

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One thought on “Cracker Barrel Overnight RV Parking”

  1. We love staying at cracker barrel and prefer them over wally world. Sadly recently we saw that more and more RVers don’t bother unhooking their toad and blocking part of the road around the parking lot and dlieveries for the store.. Unless this changes I am sure cracker barrel will change their policy once other customers complain and they cant get deliveries.
    The App we use for finding these spots is simple and working plus when you update or find a new location your membership gets extended by a week or more depending on the value.
    We were never a fan of AllStays and even after the revamp of the app and since they are only a Apple App never use them anymore.


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