AllStays Camp & RV App

This is a must have for those interested in boondocking and/or saving money while RVing across the USA.


After two years of part-time travel we have been consistently impressed with one of our Top 10 Apps for RVing, the AllStays Camp & RV app. It’s a jewel of an app for full or part-time RVers. This app is great for planning, saves you money, and reduces the stress of finding anything from overnight accommodations to free dump stations.At 9.99 it pays for itself the first two times you use it. It’s our #1 must have app for RV traveling.

Main Features

When you launch the app, it shows where you are and displays the services in that area on a scalable map. You can zoom in/out, move the map and choose from standard, satellite, or hybrid map views. Here standard view of me searching for Amarillo, TX.


There are some of the display categories on the map:

– Camping (e.g. State/National Parks, Casinos, BLM Land, Army Corps, National Forests)

– RV related businesses (e.g. dealerships)

– Rest areas

– Stores (e.g. Camping World, Costco, REI, Walmart)

– Truck Stops (e.g. Pilot & Flying J)

This is what you see when you tap on any of the icons to bring up a quick overview.


To see additional information, tap on the info banner. In this example, you can see the Cracker Barrel has a overnight parking and a phone number plus reviews and a stay within the past year.


Usually this page shows extra info like phone number, website, images, reviews, rating, weather, map. There is an “Update” section where users can submit information if there is an issue or change in status for the spot. User submitted information is displayed below the address and GPS coordinates. When you come across outdated information, you can send an update.


The main categories can be filtered by tapping the options you want to see on the map. To access the filters, tap on “Filter” in the main screen.


Advanced Filters

From the filter screen, tap on the advanced filters option to search for specific things like free campgrounds.


Offline Access

The offline access feature is very handy when there’s no cell service.

Save Money with thisApp?


  • Free dump stations
  • Free RV camping
  • Verified free overnight spots
  • Filter campsites by price

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